Breaking Through the Norm

Neo’s Odyssey


Breaking the norm

In a fast-moving, digital world, social networks and online platforms empower musicians to create, share and promote their own music. But this autonomy comes at a cost, an oversaturation of the market. With so many digital outlets readily available and so many artists populating them with their content, it becomes hard to be heard or seen, to break through the white noise.

So how does the ambitious musician cope in this new reality? By employing third parties to distribute, license, market, promote and place their music. As an independent artist trying to break into this industry, these overhead costs become a deterrent, especially with the investments already made into creating their art.

It is this frustration that led Neo’s Odyssey founders, Sookz, Jess Abran and Voyce*, to create their service agency, an agency that services their own music. The trio found themselves in the same position many young artists find themselves in today, unable to break through the white noise and relying on third parties to act as their Trojan horse. This resulted in overhead costs that weren’t always profitable, and when they were, led to a dilution of their profits.  

With a music catalogue of over 100 songs and growing, over a decade of experience in the industry, renowned success on national and international levels, Jess, Sookz and Voyce* are eliminating the middleman, and giving power back to themselves, the creators. In this fast-moving, digital world, Neo’s Odyssey is Breaking the Norm.